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DNCE concert at the Baltimore Soundstage

DNCE sold out show

When I found out tickets had gone on sale for DNCE, I knew I had to get them immediately. Good thing I did because the concert sold out. DNCE is my new favorite band and I love their album. I couldn’t name a Jonas Brothers’ song but this music is for adults. I immediately loved their hit single Cake by the Ocean. The song made sense to me because I love, love, love cake and the ocean. Oddly, my mom was the one to explain the real meaning to me. Awwwkward.
I was nervous to go to a general admission sold out show at the Baltimore Soundstage. My fight or flight instinct kicks in strong at general admission shows. I’ve pushed and shoved my way to the front. I’ve also had a panic attack and ran to the back to get some space. I’m short, so unless I’m the first one through the door I have a hard time getting a clear view. DNCE is a high energy dance band, so I knew the crowd might get rowdy. Turns out I had no reason to worry. The moment I walked in I was as excited as a teenager at their first concert. And that was just for the opening band, The Skins, that I had never heard of before. They were good.

The struggle is real

Actually, I was one of the rowdy audience members. Tired of holding my down coat (it was February and freezing), I dropped it to the floor and stood (sometimes jumped) on it. I didn’t even get mad when inevitably someone spilled beer and I knew my coat had become an innocent victim.
Ready to get some good photos and video, I brought my Nikon bridge camera with a long zoom. The camera stayed in my backpack most of the time when I had to accept I was more successful with my iPhone. I had a great time despite my photographic struggles. Guess I’ll just have to see DNCE again.

  • Joe Jonas of DNCE performing in Baltimore, Maryland - Carla Durham - Photomusicology
    Joe Jonas of DNCE

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Joe Jonas of DNCE in Baltimore, Maryland - Photographer Carla Durham - Photomusicology

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